A magician in a red suit holding colorful balls between their fingers.

5 Magic Shows to See in Las Vegas

Magic Show Las Vegas

It’s true — the entertainment capital of the world has everything you could ever ask for, even magic shows! With its parties, casinos, shows and festivals, a magic show in Las Vegas truly does live up to its name, and it can be hard to cram in all its incredible activities in the space of one trip.

Unfortunately, one thing many people miss out on for their Las Vegas bucket list are the incredible magic shows the city boasts. Dissimilar to many of the stereotypes that surround a common magic show Las Vegas, these are not just people in suits pulling white rabbits out of hats.

These shows are thrilling, exciting and will have you guessing, “How did they just do that?” Sin City has much more to offer than the bright flashing lights of its casino floors, and that is why we recommend that you get yourself down to one of the unmissable magic shows the strip has to offer.

In this guide, we will walk you through five of the best magic shows Vegas has to offer. We’ll give you the rundown on what to expect from each, where to get your tickets and how much each show costs.

From David Copperfield, to Criss Angel, here are the top five best magic shows Las Vegas has to offer.

1. David Copperfield — MGM Grand

Seeing is believing with David Copperfield, but you honestly won’t believe the tricks and stunts he pulls off in his award-winning magic show at the MGM Grand.

Coined the greatest illusionist of all time, Copperfield continues to dazzle audiences with his shows, having performed on multiple international tours, a critically acclaimed Broadway show and now a famous residency on the Las Vegas strip.

Combining his magic with his wicked sense of humor, Copperfield pulls audiences into the illusion, and before you know it, he has discretely pulled the wool over your eyes.

Copperfield runs a weekly residence in Las Vegas, so it is best to plan your trip in advance to see his show. With tickets in high demand, booking early online can both save you money and the disappointment of missing out on Copperfield while you’re in Las Vegas. Secure your tickets from the MGM Grand’s ticketing page if you want to ensure you are sitting up close in the front row. You can also head over to the MGM’s ticketing office on show day, but that can be risky, as tickets for Copperfield are in high demand and you may end up stuck in the back.

2. Criss Angel — Planet Hollywood

This show will leave you hanging on the edge of your seat. Criss Angel is a legend of Las Vegas, and if you have ever watched him on TV, you will know Angel likes to push the boundaries with some of his magic tricks.

This is not a show for the faint-hearted but is all the same gripping. Angel has used his experience working on the Vegas strip for many years to produce a nail-biting magic show that will leave you crying out for more. It’s undoubtedly one of the best magic shows around and can be found right in the middle of the strip at the world-famous Planet Hollywood Resort.

Getting tickets to see Criss Angel’s magic show in Las Vegas is easy, despite the show regularly selling out. You can pick up your tickets on the day from the Planet Hollywood Box Office, or you can plan ahead and pick up your tickets from TicketFaster and get a seat in the front row.

Be warned, though: Angel sometimes does enjoy picking on patrons who sit in the front row.

3. Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis — Planet Hollywood

If you are a big fan of hypnosis gurus Paul Mckenna or Derren Brown, you will love Marc Savard’s comedy hypnosis show. But this magic show does require a lot of audience participation, so be prepared to be called up to the stage and be turned into a trance.

Savard picks his participants from the crowd and then settles his audience in for some amusing organized chaos.

Relaxing his participants into a trance-like state, chaos ensues, and Savard will be sure to leave you in stitches at some of the hilarious gags that follow.

This is a show like no other on the Vegas strip and is bound to have you standing up and clapping at Savard’s brilliance.

Occupying a regular week-night slot at Planet Hollywood, tickets to see Marc Savard are easy to come by, but again to avoid disappointment, it is always best to grab your tickets online before the event.

4. Penn and Teller — The Rio

Two of the most famous magicians in the world team up for this brilliant performance, and it is a must-see if you have an afternoon or an evening free in Las Vegas.

The duo has been performing on the strip for over 40 years in one of the longest-running and highest-regarded shows on the Las Vegas Boulevard.

Sucking in their audiences by building suspense with their humor, Penn and Teller build a narrative in their magic and trick their audiences with some of the best illusions you will see on the Las Vegas strip.

The pair (who have been performing together since 1975) have a residency at the Rio Hotel and perform most nights of the week.

The theater at the Rio hosts approximately 1,500 spectators and is sold out regularly. For that reason, it is best to pick up your tickets before you head out to Las Vegas, and although they are expensive, buying online will guarantee yourself a seat at one of the greatest magic shows in Las Vegas.

5. The Mentalist: Gerry McCambridge — Planet Hollywood

Ever been fascinated by the science of the brain? Well, The Mentalist, Gerry McCambridge, will blow your mind with his telepathic skills.

Having performed his mind-bending acts on the Strip, McCambridge does the unthinkable, astonishing audiences by reading minds, predicting the future and leaving his audience questioning reality.

His performances have captivated the minds of many patrons of Las Vegas, and he was nominated as the best magician on the strip in 2005.

If you are a fan of the supernatural, do not miss this show. It’s one of the more popular events on the strip and sells out on a regular basis.

One of three spectacular events going on at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, you can buy your tickets when you arrive in Las Vegas from the hotel’s box office. But to secure the best seats in the house, it is always best to book your tickets online before you head out to Vegas, guaranteeing front-row seats for one of the best magic shows in the world!