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Finding the Best Place to Buy Concert Tickets

Buying concert tickets online is the most efficient way of securing a seat at shows. With many platforms competing for your attention, it can be overwhelming to maneuver through the options. That’s why we’ve done the work to show you the best place to buy concert tickets.

Whether you’re a first-time ticket buyer or a veteran concertgoer, this article will point you in the direction of the top platforms that offer a reliable service, a seamless experience and access to an array of upcoming concerts. If you’re ready to get your hands on a pair of tickets for your next show in the most stress-free way possible, keep reading.


Ticketmaster is one of the most established and largest ticketing platforms and offers a vast inventory of tickets for a wide range of events including concerts, theatre shows, sports games and more. They often serve as the official ticketing partner for major events and venues which means they have direct access to tickets and can offer early access, exclusive presales and VIP packages.

As an official partner, customers are guaranteed to be purchasing legitimate tickets. Ticketmaster’s website and mobile app provide a user-friendly interface that allows you to search for events, view seating charts and select tickets based on your preferences. The platform is designed to make the ticket

buying process as straightforward as possible.
As awesome as Ticketmaster is, there are also several disadvantages to their services. These include the following:

  • Service fees: Ticketmaster’s service fees can lead to ticket prices being significantly higher than the face value.
  • Limited availability: Popular events often sell out quickly resulting in limited availability for high demand shows.
  • Technical issues: Due to the website’s popularity, it often experiences technical difficulties when tickets have just been released. This can result in missed opportunities for customers to purchase the tickets they want.


AXS often works with popular ticketing apps and services, providing convenient access to tickets. This integration allows customers to manage their tickets digitally, making it easier to enter events. Their website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Most importantly, it’s secure.

They have implemented rigorous security measures to protect customer information. With their advanced encryption protocols and secure payment gateways, the safety of any personal and financial data is fully protected when making transactions. AXS offers excellent customer support through phone, live chat and email.

Some of the drawbacks of using AXS to purchase concert tickets include the following:

  • Customer support: Some users have reported challenges with their customer support team. It can be difficult to get through to anyone, and the length of time it takes to resolve issues can also be long.
  • Limited events: AXS doesn’t partner with many event organizers or venues which means they have a smaller selection of concerts compared to other ticketing platforms.


SeatGeek is a ticket marketplace that aggregates listings from various sellers including primary ticket providers, resellers and individuals. This allows customers to compare prices and ticket options from multiple sources all in one place, providing a broader range of choices and increasing the likelihood of finding the best deal.

They assign a “Deal Score” to each ticket listing, which is a rating based on factors such as seat location, historical data and price. This score helps customers quickly identify the best-value tickets.

SeatGeek has its benefits, but it also has its disadvantages, here are some of them:

  • Seating map: The website does not provide an integrated map of the venue.
  • Search facilities: The website only allows users to search by event, team, artist or location; users cannot search by venue.

Live Nation

One of the best features of the Live Nation platform is that members are given early access to concert tickets before they become available to the public. The Live Nation website and mobile app provide a user-friendly platform and a streamlined interface which enhances the overall ticket-buying experience.

They offer a ticket protection plan that provides coverage in case of unexpected circumstances such as date changes or event cancellations.

However, users have reported some grievances with Live Nation:

  • Too expensive: Their presale tickets are often more expensive than the actual tickets.
  • Price increases: They are known to increase their ticket prices midway through the sale.


If you’re looking for last-minute availability, StubHub is the site to use. They are a secondary marketplace that allows individuals to sell their tickets if they are unable to attend a concert due to unforeseen circumstances. Some events may also release additional tickets back into circulation closer to the event date.

One of the main benefits of StubHub is its dynamic pricing. Because the website operates on a supply and demand model, as the event date approaches, ticket prices fluctuate based on the demand for seats and the event. If the demand is lower than expected, sellers might reduce their prices the closer it gets to the event date to encourage sales. This creates last-minute availability at more affordable prices.

Although StubHub is amongst the favorites for ticket buyers, customers have complained about their lack of a reward system.

  • No rewards: There is no incentive to keep purchasing tickets from the website because they don’t have a rewards program for repeat customers.

Vivid Seats

Like StubHub, Vivid Seats operates on a supply and demand model which means that their ticket prices fluctuate based on market conditions. This provides opportunities for competitive pricing which helps customers secure tickets at reasonable prices.

They have interactive seating maps that allow buyers to look at the layout of the venue to give them a better understanding of the seating options, sightlines and proximity to the stage. Vivid Seats website and mobile app make it easy to search for concerts, compare ticket options and complete the purchase process. The platform also provides helpful filters and sorting options allowing customers to narrow down their search based on factors such as date seating section and price range.

The main issue users have with this platform is the service charges.

  • Service charge: The service charge fees are not revealed until checkout and they can be quite high.

Each platform has its perks. Nevertheless, it’s always a good idea to compare ticket prices and availability across multiple platforms to ensure you get the best deal.