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What Are Live Podcasts?

Live Podcasts

Live podcasts are podcasts that are more like a radio show than your traditional podcast. They are either broadcasted live through online software or in front of a studio audience, like a live TV show.

There are two types of live podcasts. The first one is similar to a radio show, where it is broadcast live to a listening audience through software such as Spotify or Apple. For the second type, the hosts travel to a location, and the show takes place in front of a studio audience. These are also known as podcast tours, and audience members will need to purchase tickets in advance to book a seat.

Here are the most significant differences between a live podcast and a pre-recorded one.


With pre-recorded, you can edit out parts of the podcast, such as dead air, technical issues, or even just something you mentioned but would rather remove. You can also adjust the sound levels, put in breaks and even include advertising.


You cannot edit a live podcast, as they are performed live. What you say is what the listeners get. However, live enables you to get information out quickly to your listeners, similar to a radio station. You can also include fun things like real-time interactions with your audience.

How to Get Tickets for a Live Podcast Event

Some podcasts hold free virtual events, such as Australasia’s Pod Fiesta Summit and On Air Fest. The price of the live podcast will depend on the venue and its popularity, but you can expect to pay between $97 to $745. Tickets are typically available directly through the podcast’s website or an external ticketing agency.

What to Expect at a Live Podcast

Live podcasts are held in a studio setting. The setup will depend on the hosts. There may be guest speakers on the show, or the hosts carry the conversation. The audience is typically seated around or in front of the stage. The setting is usually quite intimate. You can expect a lot more audience participation in terms of discussions between the hosts and the guests. Some live podcast shows hold virtual events that enable you to log on and watch from the comfort of your own home.

Popular Live Podcasts

1. Good Company Podcast

Good Company podcast is for women who have just started out in their careers or as business owners. It is hosted by the founder Otegha Uwagba who interviews successful, intelligent women who provide fresh ideas and insights about success and how to achieve it. Listeners can tune in via Spotify, Google Podcasts and Apple.

2. FinCon

This digital marketing event is for digital creators (ex. YouTubers, podcasters, coaches) in the personal finance space. This conference is a fantastic resource that helps creators build their brand and grow their audience.

3. Podcast Movement

The Podcast Movement is a yearly conference for the podcast industry. The first conference was held in 2014. So far, the Podcast Movement has visited Dallas, Los Angeles, Orlando, Philadelphia, Anaheim, Chicago and Omni downtown. It focuses on networking, collaboration and education. The event covers various aspects of podcasting, including audio drama, culture and advocacy, society, marketing, monetization and creation. Over the years, Podcast Movement has featured several well-known speakers, including Glynn Washington, Marc Maron, Roman Mars, Alex Blumberg, Terry Gross and Dan Carlin.

4. The NoSleep Podcast

NoSleep started as a forum on Reddit where people would discuss scary experiences and stories. It has become extremely popular, and one of the members, Matt Hensen, has decided to turn the group into a podcast. The idea has been well-received. A few members have narrated some stories in audiobook style and launched the first series of the NoSleep Podcast.

The show has quickly grown in popularity and currently has over 2 million monthly listeners. The show has featured several special guests, including Kurtis Conner, Elijah Wood, Samantha Sloyan, Kate Siegel and Mike Flanagan. The NoSleep Podcast has been touring the U.S. since 2017, and in 2020 they visited the United Kingdom and Europe.

5. Afros and Audios

Created by founder and CEO Talib Jasir, the Afro and Audios podcast holds an annual event where black podcast creators get together and discuss how diverse communities can collaborate and make their brands stronger. The event features culturally relevant brands that discuss how to launch, edit and monetize a podcast. The event is based in New York, and you can get the latest updates from their newsletter.

6. She Podcasts Live

This is a women-only event where female podcasters get together at the exclusive Scottsdale Plaza Resort. The conference features several speakers who cover topics, such as creating powerful content, attracting the right audience and developing the required mindset for podcasting success. Attendees also have the luxury of taking part in morning yoga and relaxation sessions before the event.

Final Thoughts

Most podcast events have been running for several years, so if you do not get the chance to see your favorite this year, do not fret. It’s more than likely that they will be back in a town near you next year.