A crowd of fans at a concert, with blue and purple lights and balloons above the crowd.

5 Popular K-Pop Concerts in 2023

Mark You Calendars for These K-Pop Concerts in 2023

K-pop has increased in popularity in recent years—and for good reason. This growing genre of music houses some of the world’s most successful artists, including bands like Blackpink and BTS.

If you want to see your favorite K-Pop artists performing live in the USA this year, read on to discover the best K-pop concerts in 2023.


TWICE is a South Korean girl group composed of nine members specializing in K-pop and bubblegum pop with an EDM edge. The talented group first rose to fame in 2016, with their single "Cheer Up" before releasing other successful songs like "TT," "One More Time" and "Feel Special."

Fans of TWICE will be thrilled to learn that the band is touring the USA in June of this year. The tour has sold over 100,000 tickets in the United States, which has made TWICE the first female K-pop group to do so, and the second Korean group to do so after BTS. If you’re attending, expect amazing staging, excellent outfits, and great live vocals.

Here’s the full list of dates for TWICE’s Ready to Be world tour.

  • June 10 - Inglewood
  • June 12 - Oakland
  • June 13 - Oakland
  • June 16 - Tacoma
  • June 21 - Arlington
  • June 24 - Houston
  • June 25 - Houston
  • June 28 - Chicago
  • June 29 - Chicago
  • July 6 - East Rutherford
  • July 9 - Atlanta


One of the best-known groups to come out of South Korea, BLACKPINK, is known for a sound that blends multiple different genres, including pop, dance and hip-hop. They’ve even collaborated with famous Western artists such as Dua Lipa and Selena Gomez.

This year, BLACKPINK is taking their hits on the road for their Born Pink world tour. They have added the following dates to their schedule due to the unbelievable popularity of the first dates they released. Blackpink is truly an international star, which shows when they perform on stage. Here’s when they’ll be performing in the United States.

  • August 11 - East Rutherford
  • August 12 - East Rutherford
  • August 18 - Las Vegas
  • August 22 - San Francisco
  • August 26 - Los Angeles


South Korean girl group Mamamoo still have some dates remaining on their world tour that landed in the U.S. in May. After rising to fame in 2015 with their single "Um Oh Ah Yeah," this popular girl band has gone from strength to strength.

Recent hits from the group include "Where Are We Now" and "Illella." Here’s when and where to see them in the United States.

  • May 24 - Fort Worth
  • May 27 - Chicago
  • May 31 - Glendale
  • June 2 - Oakland
  • June 4 - Inglewood


Comprising nine members, Cravity is a hugely successful K-pop band formed by Starship Entertainment. The name is a blend of creativity and gravity, and despite only debuting in 2020, the band has enjoyed success both at home in South Korea and worldwide.

Popular singles include "Break All the Rules," "Party Rock" and "Groovy." Do you wish you could see Cravity strutting their stuff live on stage? The good news is, you can. Cravity is appearing all over the USA for their latest worldwide tour on the following dates.

  • June 16 - New York
  • June 22 - Atlanta
  • June 23 - Dallas


Consisting of seven members, the girl group TRI.BE has only been around since 2021, but that’s been long enough for them to make a serious splash in the world of K-pop. With popular singles including "Doom Doom Ta" and "We Are Young," the band’s poppy style has earned them worldwide fame and praise.

Here’s when they’re coming to the USA for their Vida Loca tour, which will be their first tour in the United States.

  • June 6 - Orlando
  • June 8 - Atlanta
  • June 10 - Philadelphia
  • June 12 - New York City
  • June 13 - Boston
  • June 15 - Columbus
  • June 16 - Detroit
  • June 18 - Indianapolis
  • June 19 - Chicago
  • June 21 - Saint Paul
  • June 23 - Kansas City
  • June 24 - Omaha
  • June 26 - Denver
  • June 28 - Dallas
  • June 29 - San Antonio
  • July 2 - Phoenix
  • July 3 - Los Angeles

Where to Find Tickets

If you’ve not yet bought tickets to see your favorite K-pop artists and all the original tickets have sold out, try resale sites such as Ticketmaster, StubHub and TickPick. Otherwise, look on Facebook Marketplace or fan forums to find private sellers.

If you’re looking for tickets closer to the concert date, you might enjoy cheaper prices since sellers will be looking to get rid of them last minute. You can sometimes find K-pop concert 2023 tickets sold outside the concert venue, too, but this is a risky technique if you show up and nobody is there.

It’s worth asking around on social media, too. You never know—your old friends from high school might be looking to get rid of a couple of tickets for a concert they can no longer attend. Good luck!