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How (and Where) to Sell Concert Tickets

How to Sell Concert Tickets

If you’ve got concert tickets but can no longer attend, you’ll probably want to sell them for as close to the original price as possible to avoid losing too much money. With so many resale sites now available, it’s never been easier to give your unwanted concert tickets to somebody who can make good use of them.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the most common ways to re-sell concert tickets and the steps involved in selling concert tickets. Let’s dive in.

4 Easy Steps to Sell Concert Tickets

Below you’ll find our list of four easy steps on how to sell concert tickets.

1. Establish the Right Price

Firstly, it’s important to take a look at the typical selling price for tickets for the concert using resale sites and social media platforms. Price them too low, and you’ll lose a lot of money. Price them too high, and you’ll struggle to sell them.

2. List Your Tickets Online or Offer Them to Friends and Family

Choose your resale site of choice, or ask friends and family whether they’d like to take the tickets off your hands. If you go for the online option, simply create an account, post the listing, and advertise it on your social media account.

3. Choose How You’d Like to Be Paid

Most resale ticket sites offer payment options such as PayPal; in some situations, you can be paid with a physical check. Select how you’d like to be paid before going ahead with the sale.

4. Remove the Online Listing Once Sold

Once your items have sold, remove your listing on the resale or social media site. Otherwise, you might receive offers when the tickets are no longer available.

Ways to Sell Your Tickets

There are several ways you can sell your concert tickets. Here are the pros and cons for each.

Selling to Friends and Family

Probably the most straightforward way of selling concert tickets you no longer want is by passing them on to friends and family. Simply ask around to see if anybody’s interested, and if one of your loved ones wants to take them off your hands, organize a Venmo or PayPal transfer and email them your tickets.


  • It’s easy and quick to organize.
  • The tickets will go to somebody you care about.
  • There’s no risk (or there shouldn’t be!) of losing money to an untrustworthy buyer.


  • If you’re selling to a friend or family member, you might feel like you have to offer the tickets at a cheaper rate, therefore missing out on the money you’d get on a resale site.


Ticketmaster is the best-known resale site on the web, so you’ll reach the biggest audience by reselling on this platform.


  • Most people looking for resale tickets will check Ticketmaster, so you’ve got a better chance of selling them.
  • The reselling process is quick and simple.


  • It doesn’t let you import tickets that you’ve bought elsewhere.
  • The fees are high.

Facebook Marketplace

If you have a Facebook account, you can sell items on Facebook Marketplace, which connects you with other users in your area and beyond.


  • If you’ve got physical tickets to sell, you’re more likely to find someone local who can come and pick them up.
  • There are no hidden fees.


  • If you organize the meet-up with the buyer in person, there’s a risk that the meet-up is unsafe or they’re not who they said they were.


Like Ticketmaster, StubHub is a ticket sales site that enjoys a relatively high traffic volume, so there’s a good chance you’ll find somebody to buy your tickets.


  • You’re more likely to find a buyer.
  • The website is user-friendly.


  • High fees.
  • Some users report negative experiences involving StubHub not paying them the money they’re owed.


TickPick is a lesser-known resale site, but it’s legitimate and a good option if you need to sell tickets for a popular concert.


  • The fees are much lower than the likes of Ticketmaster.
  • Transactions are high-speed.


  • TickPick is not as well-known as other sites, so your listing will reach a smaller audience.

Outside the Venue

If you have tickets for a popular show for which people are desperate to land tickets, you might have some luck selling the tickets directly outside the venue to last-minute hopefuls.


  • You’ll probably get a higher price because of the last-minute nature of the sale.
  • You can exchange the ticket for cash in person without the risk of the individual not transferring you.


  • If nobody is outside the venue looking for tickets, you’ll be unable to sell them, so it’s a risky technique.

Selling concert tickets doesn’t have to be challenging. Make sure you know the going rate for your tickets and consider the best option for selling them depending on the popularity of the concert and how last-minute the decision is. Good luck!