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Mark Your Calendars for These Incredible Concerts!

7 of the Best Bands Going on Tour in 2023

2023 has been an incredible year for live music, and the shows aren’t stopping anytime soon. In this article we’re looking at the best bands on tour in 2023. Get ready, because you’re going to want to grab tickets for all of these amazing concerts.

1. Foo Fighters

When Nirvana’s music journey ended suddenly, drummer Dave Grohl formed a one-man band called Foo Fighters. Since then, Grohl has recruited other talented musicians and together they have released another ten studio albums.

In 2023, the band are touring their new album, But Here We Are. The tour runs until October 2023 and will visit over a dozen states including Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, New Jersey and Kentucky.

If the band’s previous tours are anything to go by, fans should strap themselves in for a night of great songs, heavy guitar solos and epic drumbeats. Tickets for this concert series can be purchased from Ticketmaster or the Foo Fighters’ website.

2. Coldplay

Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman and Will Champion are hitting the road again in 2023 with their eighth tour. The Music of the Spheres World Tour has made headlines around the world because of the band’s commitment to sustainability, including cutting CO2 emissions by 50% and powering stage production using almost entirely renewable resources. This tour is one of the first to set such clear environmental goals.

Coldplay fans can expect to hear classics including “Yellow,” “Viva la Vida” and “Fix You,” as well as newer tracks. The tour has two American stops – San Diego and Pasadena, California – so you’ll need to be prepared to travel if you don’t live in the state. Tickets are available from Ticketmaster or Coldplay’s website.

3. Maroon 5

Great news for Maroon 5 fans! The six-piece band will be performing in the USA in July and August 2023. They’ll perform songs from their latest album, as well as much-loved tracks from their back catalog during their events in Las Vegas.

They’ll join a long list of music acts who have enjoyed a Las Vegas residency, including Britney Spears, Cher, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Janet Jackson and the Backstreet Boys. Tickets for this once-in-a-lifetime event are available to buy from Ticketmaster or directly through Maroon 5’s website.

4. Queen

When Freddie Mercury passed away in 1991, you’d have been forgiven for thinking that Queen’s touring days ended there, but you’d have been wrong. Roger Taylor (now 73) and Brian May (now 75) are still going strong and are returning to the USA this fall.

Performing with new frontman Adam Lambert, the band will be touring from Maryland to California, visiting ten other states in-between including New York and Massachusetts.

Fans new and old will love Lambert’s takes on classic Queen tracks. If you’d like to book your place at one of these events, you can do so through Ticketmaster.

5. Nickelback

Canadian band Nickelback will be touring across the United States in 2023. The tour gets underway in Canada first, before arriving in the USA. The first American concert is in Michigan on Friday, June 16, and will be followed by various stops including Washington and Arizona.

This tour celebrates the band’s 2022 album Get Rollin but is sure to feature some other fan-favorite tracks too. Tickets are available now through Live Nation.

6. Chicago

If you like music with a jazz flavor, look no further than the band Chicago. They have a gigantic 50-year back catalog of music that spans 26 studio albums, which means there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Don’t just take our word for it. Chicago was listed at number 16 on the Billboard Greatest of All Time Hot 100 Artists.

The band will be visiting Minnesota, Kansas, Illinois, Ohio and many more states. Find your nearest event today by visiting Ticketmaster and grabbing your ticket before they’re sold out.

7. Aerosmith

This best-selling American hard-rock band are embarking on their farewell tour. Stephen Tyler, Tom Hamilton, Joe Perry and Brad Whitford are traveling across the United States for one last time, playing some of their best-known hits.

Starting on Saturday, September 2, Aerosmith will visit dozens of states including Pennsylvania, Illinois and Michigan across a concert run that will take them into 2024.

This really is your last chance to hear and experience the live masterpiece that is an Aerosmith concert. Tickets are on sale through Ticketmaster and fans are advised to book quickly to avoid disappointment. It’s not like you’ll have another chance to see them in a few years.